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Software Freedom Day 2008 will be with us next Saturday the 20th of September. More than 500 teams in over 120 countries are holding events to mark the occasion.

Many of you might know about "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" on September 19th every year, or about "Sysadmin Appreciation Day" on the last Friday in July each year, but what about "Software Freedom Day"?

The Mindanao Open Source Society in cooperation with the COMTECH Institute Inc. and the D'Comtechian will host the FOSS@CLASS in connection to the Software Freedom Day 2008 celebration on September 20.

La Journée mondiale du logiciel libre 2008 - Software Freedom Day (SFD) aura lieu le Samedi 20 septembre. Cette manifestation a pour objectif d'informer des ...

Es actualmente la presidenta de la organización Software Freedom Day y vicepresidente de Linux Australia. Erinn Clark: Una desarrolladora de Debian que ...

Il Software Freedom Day (SFD)è una giornata dedicata al Software Libero, attiva oramai da qualche anno e promossa dall’organizzazione no-profit “Software ...

The upcoming Software Freedom Day 2008 event, organised and run by Ubuntu Ireland, will gather together all Ubuntu users from around the country and aims to ...

Per quanto riguarda l’immediato futuro a settembre, in collaborazione alcune scuole superiori, celebreremo il “Software Freedom Day”; la macchina ...

Linux user groups across the region are ramping up efforts and activities this year to raise public awareness of open source and attract more members.

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