Team Darwin

Event Description

This is the first software freedom day organized by Team Darwin. The team has already participated in previous SFDs in various other places. The main aim of this event is to share knowledge about open-source platforms and technologies to the people attending the events and encourage them to contribute towards the open source community. There will be lots of talks about open source, data privacy, contributions to open source followed by demonstration of some of the projects. It is the 30th anniversary of Linux, as on the same day in 1991, the first Linux kernel was released. There will be some exciting events like, quiz, anniversary celebration, indoor gaming competitions, followed by BBQ's at the end.

Time and Location




Speaker 1: Jeremie Benazra

Speaker 2: [TBD]

Speaker 3: [TBD]


Samarpan Bhattarai: 0426628104

Piyush Adhikari:0426211027


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