SFD Marketing

This page will describe all the things you can do to talk about your event ahead of time, during and after the events. All are very important and an excellent way to spread the word about Free And Open Source Software.

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Preparation and Planning

Make sure that you can have a team of people that supports the idea of having a Cultural, and Tecnoological event. Think about the approach you want to have at this event. Consider the value of freedom and the impact across other expertise beside the technical part. Things like individual freedoms and rights of people in cyberspace, and the value of technology in it.

Think about your target audience and ways to enable different audiences in order to expand the impact of the event. Think about the possible untapped audiences in previous SFD and where would it be the right channels to reach them.

Use technology to accelerate the organization setting virtual meetings with your team, using resources like this current wiki and other colaborative technologies.

Get designers and marketers involved with the promotional process so the event get the right exposure and spread the message that you want people think about the event.

All events need resources and finding sponsors is a good idea to plan for. Word of mouth and networking hubs might be a good idea to reach people and organizations. They might be willing to contribute with a budget or resources depending on their possibilites. Remember the magic recepie such as humility, politeness, patience, persistence, and kindness. Do your research and look for Science and cultural departments in your region. Connect with companies that might help out with broadband for the event, networking, promotion and such.


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