Manik Chand Patnaik

Email: <m y s e l f -AT- m a n i k -DOT- i n>

Hi everybody,

I am Manik Chand Patnaik from India. I am basically a teacher by profession working as Assistant Professor in Department of CSE, Roland Institute of Technology Berhampur. My journey with open source started with RedHat Linux 5.3 edition. Since then I have used Linux distributions of several flavours and many open source products and development environments. Currently my primary desktop is KDE on openSuSE. My personal website is http://www.manik.in which is mostly used by my students for getting support on my lectures. I also do web development related stuff with PHP, Java and DotNet as part of my profession. Since 2008 we are celebrating Software Freedom day under the ECOSS tag. Feel free to contact. ...


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