Guía de Inicio para el Día de la Libertad del Software - DLS

Esta guía de inicio está diseñada para presentarte al Día de la Libertad del Software - DLS y para proporcionarte algunos consejos e indicadores para organizar tu propio evento de equipo de DSL. Si tienes preguntas por favor inscríbete y usa la lista de correo de los equipos o contáctanos a través del formulario de contacto. Puedes interactuar también con nosotros en la sala #sfd en irc.freenode.net (vínculo dírecto del IRC, vínculo del chat web) si quieres cruzar ideas u obtener más consejo.

Formar un Equipo Local de DLS puede ser una experiencia efectiva de construcción comunitaria divertida para su grupo local de usuarios y para su comunidad. El Día de la Libertad del Software es un día de salir al alcance inspirar a los que nuevos con los valores de Libertad del movimiento de Softwre Libre a traves de actividad de tu elección. ¿Existe algo relevante localmente a tu país o región que requieres expresar? ¿Hay una gran historia de éxito local que queres decir?

El Dia de la Libertad del Software es tu oportunidad de estar unido con la comunidad entera del Software Libre en lo que estamos juntos: la Libertad.

¿Cómo puedo celebrar el Día de la Libertad del Software?


There are two primary ways to celebrate SFD:

  1. Join a local SFD Team and help make their SFD event a success.
  2. Make your own SFD team!

SFD will be most effective if we keep some target groups in mind:

Pasos para armar tu equipo

  1. Read the CodeOfConduct page and see if you can agree!

  2. Sign up for the SFD-announce mailing list. This is a low bandwidth announce mailing list only. Team discussions happen on the sfd-discuss list which you are also encouraged to join.

  3. Create a team page on this wiki below your Continent/Country to prepare - you will need to sign up or log in to be able to edit pages. Please make sure you read the instructions for creating a new team page.

  4. Make a shortcut of your team page if you want.

  5. Register your team. If you register before the deadline (see the Registration page) then your team will receive some goodies to help you make your event awesome!

  6. Check out the competitions page for ways your team can win great prizes! Make sure you also keep up to date with the mailing list for announcements and to share information with other teams.

  7. Report on your event and we'll have an easy report webform for you to fill in after the event!


The average SFD event usually requires only one or a few organisers to share the workload and ensure the event is in hand. You can often recruit helpers from:

We have found that the event can bring the local groups together as well as grow the community as a whole. The number of helpers required depends on the sort of activity you choose, but generally, the more the better. That way people have a good time and it also becomes a social event. If your volunteers enjoy themselves, they will pass on a good vibe and offer to volunteer next year too :-)

Remember, we are all volunteers so it is a matter of what we can, when we can Always remember to thank your volunteers and make sure they have a good time.

¿Qué debemos hacer?

Be creative! You can organise any kind of SFD event you want. Your organising team can find a location / time to have a few meetings to brainstorm / discuss about the event:

But just to get you started, here are a few ideas some people have had:


You may also set a theme for your event / activity, we have a wiki page for team leaders to share your ideas here


Depending on the sort of activity and scale of your event, you may need to set a budget for the event. It's good to prepare a budget plan and find ways to finance it, there are usually a few ways:

If you plan to raise fund, it's good to prepare a proposal clearly specify the event details suggested as below and then approach different Free Software companies / organisations.

Promover el evento con antelación

It is very important to communicate the event to your target audiences, there are a lot of ways just to name a few here:

Prepararse para el día


Below is a basic checklist that should cover most events that you would plan on running:

Administración in-situ


According to experiences, there are a few things you may want to pay attention during the events.

Luego del evento


Documents útiles, Plantillas, Archivos y Ejemplos


All the pictures in this page were taken by SFD teams from different countries under the license of Creative Commons! A big thank you to all of them / you! Remember to tag yours to softwarefreedomday :)


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