開放文化基金會 Open Culture Foundation

The Open Culture Foundation (OCF), is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, founded in 2014 by several members of Taiwan’s open source community. Our main goal is to support local communities advocate the use of open technologies in broader sectors, including open source software, open hardware, and open data. We help government, enterprises, and NGOs better understand the benefits of adopting open source,and promote the importance of open data to the public sphere. We believe that a culture of open collaboration is the foundation for an innovative society, and the engine of a participatory democracy.

Since its establishment, OCF has supported local communities to run large-scale conferences, seminars, and hackathons, as well as collaborate with a number of international offices and multilateral institutions to deepen Taiwan’s connection to the global open culture community. Some of our past collaboration partners include the American Institute in Taiwan, British Office Taipei, Bureau Francais de Taipei, and the World Bank. OCF also has strong connections with the global open source community, and regularly exchanges experiences with civic tech groups worldwide. Our mission is to build bridges between local and global “open” communities, and hope to act as a mediator for open culture.

[https://ocf.tw/en/ OCF website]

Gather Town 線上小遊戲


[https://gather.town/app/F3s5ENgKGwgUwYMW/Software%20Freedom%20Day Come to Celebrate SFD 2021!]

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