Open Source Club TECH Setu

Warm greeting from Open Source Club TECH Setu!

We are organizing the Software Freedom Day (SFD) virtually on 18th Sept 2021.

Software Freedom Day is an event where Free Software Enthusiasts, Students from College and Schools, Researchers, etc come together to learn, share, discuss, and demonstrate on various topics related to Open Source, Free Softwares, Open Culture, etc. Over the past years, this has been a major event for the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) communities all over the world to make awareness about Open Source and Free Software to the people and exhibit its capabilities.

TECH Setu is a student-led non-profit organization working to bridge the gap between IT students and IT Industry. Open Source Club is one of the teams out of many which handle all the open source related activities ranging from organizing events like meetups, workshops to working on open source projects.

We invite everyone to be a part of this event and spread FOSS starting from this day. Let's join together.


17th Sept, 2021 (Friday) [4 - 6 PM]

2 Hours Hands-on e-Workshop on "Git, GitHub and Open Source Contribution"

18th Sept, 2021 (Saturday) [4 - 6 PM]

Theme: Open Source Contributions and Success Stories

* Welcome and Introduction

* Talk 1: By Ompragash Viswanathan on "Open Source impact on Career"

* Talk 2: By Rahul Dahal on "How Open Source made me a better developer"

* Talk 3: By Ananta Mishra on "Journey to Open Source"

* Key Note Talk: By Budh Ram Gurung on "Balancing Open Source contributions and Job"

* Closing Remarks

* Speaker can speak in either English or Nepali language.

* Each talk is allocated with 25 mins.


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