Vancouver Linux User Group – VanLUG

To celebrate the Software Freedom Day on September 18th, we are having an online VanLUG meetup this Saturday at 5 pm.


There are two ways to attend:

1) RECOMMENDED: Install the Matrix client Element.io on your computer or phone, and join the channel #vanlug:matrix.org to watch the presentation from within Element. You can also interact with other VanLUG members on the channel and ask questions.


2) Keep an eye on the VanLUG mailing list to get an URL we send out right before the event starts. Using that URL you can watch the video stream of the event.

What is Matrix?

Matrix is a decentralized and fully open source based communications network that provides secure text, voice and video chat between individuals and in groups. It has the potential to replace closed systems such as Discord and Slack or centralized systems like Telegram and Signal.

What is Element?

Element is one of the most popular client programs to Matrix. Similar to how email works, there are multiple client programs that can send and receive messages in Matrix. Element is the most popular one and it can be installed on most mobile phones, Linux desktops or even used simply via a browser.

Install Element right now so that you are sure to have everything working before the event starts! :)

- Otto & Guilherme


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