Free Software Melbourne and Linux Users Victoria

Free Software Melbourne and Linux Users Victoria are celebrating the 17th annual Software Freedom Day celebrations in Melbourne. We will present a range of leaders in the Free-Software community that will talk about the importance of Free-Software to a free society.

The SFD celebration will kickoff with what is "Free and Open Source Software" and why is it so important for a modern, digital society. We'll be hearing from leading contributors and organizers of companies building businesses around Free and Open Source projects. We're also going to talk about the ethics of software development and the advantages of building a prosthetic using open hardware. There is also the opportunity for networking opportunities in our general FLOSS chat room during the day.

Time Table:

Participation is both free and liberating. Software Freedom Day is a family friendly event welcoming to anyone, pass on the word to help make it a great day. We have a code of conduct available on our website, but in short: Be respectful, Be inclusive and Be aware.

Hope to see you all online for our most exciting Software Freedom Day yet!




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