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Mushtarak: A space community to identify the technology as not just a tool, but a space of possibility. In many cases, it is an opportunity to reconsider what is taken for granted. Mushtarak is a space where an informal community of techies meets regularly in a mix of centrally organized events, community driven events and spontaneous encounters. Mushtarak hosts a wide range of events, from workshops on using Wikipedia in documentation, to seminars on Free/Open Source Software, trainings on archiving skills and digital security, sessions on localization software and debugging, code sprints to extend specific tools, to film screenings on tech- related issues. It is a space for collaboration, innovation and adapting technologies to best serve our needs. Geek Q: series of discussions around digital security and privacy by exploring solutions and best practices based on understanding the nature of communications and different problem. The discussions levels varies from standard to advanced. The previous events addressed: Security on Social Media Platforms - Secure Password Management - Private and Secure Messaging and Chatting. The Geek Q takes place in Mushtarak space. Knowledge Forum: series of symposiums around topics derived from intersection of access to knowledge with economics, media, history and other domains. The first symposium addressed economies of knowledge and its connection with trade, intellectual property and development. The Knowledge Forum takes place in Msuhtarak space


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