Fedora 中文用户组 - Fedora Zhongwen User Group

Fedora Zhongwen User Group (aka FZUG, literally Fedora Chinese User Group) is the local user group of the Fedoraproject. We have members in many cities in and even out of Greater China area and actively co-organising or participating in Software Freedom Day Events. For more information you can see it in FZUG Wiki page or subscribe our mailing list

Fedora 中文用户组(简称 FZUG )是 Fedoraproject 的本地用户组织。我们在大中华地区以及海外许多城市有成员。Fedora 中文用户组一直积极组织或参与软件自由日活动。 更多信息请参考 Fedora 中文用户组维基页面 或者订阅我们的邮件列表


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