Dhaka (Bengali: ঢাকা, pronounced: [ˈɖʱaka]; English , ; formerly known as Dacca) is the capital of Bangladesh. It is the principal city of Dhaka District and Dhaka Division. The Dhaka Metropolitan Area is the 11th largest city proper in the world, with a population of 12 million people. The Greater Dhaka Area covers a population of 17 million people. The historic quarter of Dhaka stands on the east bank of the Buriganga River. It is located in the center of the Bengal delta.

During the Mughal Empire in the 17th century, the city was known as Jahangir Nagar. It was a cosmopolitan provincial capital and a hub of the worldwide muslin trade, with Bengali, Armenian, Persian, Greek, French, Gujarati, English, Dutch, Portuguese and Danish merchants. The British East India Company took control of the city in 1793. The modern-city developed in the late-19th century under British rule. It was the capital of Eastern Bengal and Assam between 1905 and 1911. It became the administrative capital of East Pakistan after the Partition of British India in 1947. During the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, Dhaka emerged as the capital of an independent Bangladesh.


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