2015/Philippines/Davao del Sur

Sprawled along the shores of Southeastern Mindanao, Davao Del Sur is a place of natural wonders and rarities. It boasts of the country's highest peak - Mt. Apo, the most prized Philippine orchid like the Vanda Sanderiana, some of the exotic fruits and the endangered Philippine Eagle.

Davao del Sur is home to a host of ethnic groups whose culture and way of life have been preserved. These are the Bagobos, the Mandayas, the Mansakas, the Atas, the Kalagans, the Tagakaolos and the Mangguangans. Their arts and crafts are on display in museums and shops.

There is a wide choice of white sand beaches and resorts. In the city, there are numerous hotels and inns. Dining is good and varied. Nightlife is fun.

Some of the popular sports activities are golf, water sports and mountain climbing.


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