Open Source Ascol Circle (OSAC)

OSAC is a non-commercial & non-political group of CSIT students of Amrit science college.We are Open Learners So we would like to learn technology regardless of the developing organization (whether it is microsoft or canonical ). We are open to learn any technology BUT we prefer Open Source Technology over closed source because Open Source provide more flexibility to learn.

National Science Day 2015

Nepal Government is celebrating National Science day tomorrow at Amrit Science Campus (ASCOL), Lainchour.

Government would like to promote Innovative Nepali projects done by Nepalese Engineers and professionals and take it to the international level.

SFD 2015

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is the worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Our goal in this celebration is to educate the worldwide public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere! The non-profit organization Software Freedom International, coordinates SFD at a global level, providing support, giveaways and a point of collaboration, but volunteer teams around the world organize the local SFD events to impact their own communities.

We invite everyone interested to join us:

Blog : http://osacascol.blogspot.com/

URL: http://osac.org.np/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/osacchat/


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