We are basically Duckduckgo inciatives in India; Creating some Instant answer and hack on search engine. We will be introducing people with new hacks in search engine and helping them in making a new Instant answer on their credit name.This instant Answer will help different people and community around the world, what they want most from a search engine.

So idea is like "What Search engine is still missing?"

Slack channels:

Android, Angular, Audrino, C language, Computing, C++ language, C# language, CSS language, Docker, .NET, Erlang language, Game Development, Go language, Groovy language, Hardware, Haskell language, HTML language, iOS, Java language, Javascript language, jQuery, Latex language, Linux, Lua language, MATLAB language, MySQL, Node.js, Objective C language, Oculus. OpenStack, Perl language, PHP language, PostgreSQL, Python language, R language, Ruby language, Rust language, Scala language, Security/Crypto, Shell language, SQL language, Swift language, SysAdmin, Ubuntu, Web Design.


We are not only organizers but member who are learning same time and who like to share the workload and empower city for development and SFD-Delhi is great platform to get insight information for Open source and skills enhancement. We ensure the event for member is not visit and forget; It will more interactive ,learn technology and member would like interact after event end .

It is place where people from different platform join us and get benefit:


We have Delhi-Meetup Slack group for ideas sharing and learning Instant answer and codes working. If we're missing a Slack channel you'd like to be in charge of, please let us know in your email.

We also requested or invited team from delhi-NCR region to come and participate for such a great event and contribute for Software freedom day. Also Speaker and developer; are invited and welcome for session and talks over project and Software.

Current speakers



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