Open Source Education and Development Association. (OSEDA)

We will host for Celebrate SFD 2014 on Saturday, September 20th. Time : 13:30-17:00 at Marvelic Engine Co.,Ltd.( http://www.marvelic.co.th ) 719 KPN Tower 10/F, Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang Bangkok 10310. more details about agenda will be on http://www.oseda.or.th

Our Mission

*Promoting the use of open source technology for business and education throughout various user group, community and developers *Promoting the wide spread adoption, acceptance, and confidence in the use of open source technology *To facilitate greater awareness and deeper penetration in the use and development of open source technology including collaborating and coordinating with various groups including government, private enterprise, education institution to create open source program within these arenas *To educate and advance the use and adoption of open source software including technology relating to open source software *To be the central place for users to gather news and development of open source and to act as a forum for people to exchange information and ideas including sharing of industry knowledge and best practices for business, education and advancement of open source *To coordinate and collaborate with different open source agencies within and outside Thailand for the benefits of users and developers of open source *To collaborate with any charitable organization for public benefits but never to be involved in politics in any way.

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