SUDAFOSS is a volunteering Sudanese society concerns with enocouragement, promotion, distribution for culture of open source and it supports and enrich the community of the open source.

  1. Defining and spreading the Culture of Free and Open Sources.
  2. Constructing and developing the National Operating Systems.
  3. Contribute to the formation of the infrastructure for Free and Open Systems.
  4. Making the Basic Rules for Free and Open Systems.
  5. Design criteria for Free and Open Systems.
  6. Support Users of Free and Open Systems.
  7. Support the Attempts of transition to free and open systems, and find alternative solutions.
  8. Coordination of efforts in the development of Free and Open Systems.
  9. The auspices of scientific Projects related to Free and Open Systems .
  10. Building and strengthening of relations with internal and external relevant to Free and Open Systems.

for contacts : facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/652394441443511


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