Pangasinan Linux Users Group Circa 1999

We the Pangasinan Linux Users Group ... are always promoting and educating the public .. of the availability of FOSS .. especially the young generations, because we believe if the young first han use of linux operating system, it wont be anymore hard for them to manipulate as they grow older and will know whats the difference between proprietary softwares and open source softwares ...

Mr. Ma Victor M. Escano a Linux/Network System Administrator / WebMaster / Consultant of SJCS - Dagupan City implemented and added a subject LINUX (REDHAT and MANDRAKE LINUX (NOW MANDRIVA)) that it should be taught in elementary and HS students since year 2000 ..

Its our desire to make this young children to be more efficient, and can compete to other generations who are not familiar with FOSS... Hoping that we can help and educate more people to open their mind, and use open source... We also giving seminars to computer centers and cafes around and outside the city...

Be Free, Use Open Source Date: Sept 27, 2014 Venue: burgos St., Dagupan City Time: 10 AM - 4 PM

Founder: Ma Victor Madriaga EscaƱo

aka C_A_P_T_A_I_N_Z_A_C_K

personal Website - http://www.escano.info secured site - https://www.escano.info/


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