SFD South Christchurch

20 Sept 2014

International Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Festival

For more information, see SFD14 and www.sfd.org.nz

And as part of our usual event:

Workshop on prospects for Christchurch FOSS business collaboration:

11am - 12pm: Free Software, secure online voting

Report: Secure Online Voting first principles established, 20/9 at SFD14.

'Secure Online Voting' (SOV) - to get started, maybe never - must be:

Secure - the toughest of technical challenges;*

Free and open-source software based - altruistic, community-good development, where proprietary SOV models have all dismally failed;

Optional - don't expect that SOV shift will ever necessarily happen, as digitised human variability is oxymoronic and not a good thing - bad historical precedents and SOV has to build trust;

Anonymous - without guaranteed disconnection of people from political preferences, new media will degrade and inhibit the current quality of choice, which is intolerable;

Independent - implemented by the Electoral Commission or similar agency, tasked with oversight of a voting system delivering 100% representative integrity; Constitutional - reform required to establish independent democratic priority;

... etc.

http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/256206/push-for-online-voting-next-election - Who would like to help make direct democracy real? Call 03-332-1069 please.

* Yet could it be that http://lane.net.nz/blog/dave/online-voting-is-a-bad-idea as https://medium.com/message/everything-is-broken-81e5f33a24e1 ?

2pm: Free Software, business development

Advice and http://www.Zentyal.org demo from Dave Lane, http://www.NZOSS.org.nz President.

3pm: Luke Douglass, http://SUPPORTU.co.nz facilitator - Why run open-source in business?

FOSS business models for user results - seeking innovators, developers, collaboration

Web apps & how they can work together

Active Directory via SAMBA


http://www.zimbra.com/ test login https://accessmy.email

FreeNix / Free Software Group / GNUz team

SFD Christchurch

FSFE Newsletter – September 2014

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