Software Freedom Day will be celebrated in Georgia for the first time, initiated by GDG Tbilisi (Google Developer Groups) and joined by local companies and NGOs believing in importance of Free and open software for society. GeoTechTeam consists of GDG Tbilisi, Elva, CoSpoT (coworking space Tbilisi), Potters, Jumpstart and anyone interested in developing this cause in Georgia. During the event we will showcase local open software project and promote existing ones worldwide. In Georgia majority of people use hacked stolen software so the main idea of the event is to ask questions : Who steal, when you get it free legally? We will also emphasize the importance of why its good to donate your competencies to FOSS and What are the positive sides of FOSS - that anyone can participate, it creates community, responds to needs, wants, desires, imagination, exploration, experimentation etc.


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