We will be celebrating Software Freedom Day in a 'bazaar' style format. There will be a carnival of FOSS organizations, from both on and off campus, with booths, challenges, give-aways and prizes. So far we have confirmed:


The event (tentatively) will be taking place in the new RIT MAGIC Center (formerly the RIT Center for Student Innovation) Building 87, room 1600. Please keep an eye on this page for updates, as the space is currently being renovated, and will hopefully be ready for the event. If the space is not ready, it will be held somewhere in Building 70. The organizers will do their best to ensure the venue is locked in, by August 21st, one month before the actual event.


Your laptops, desktops, or other devices you will need to participate in the digital competitions and contests.


For more information contact Remy DeCausemaker at remyd[at]civx[dot]us


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