The Group is focused on spearding the use, development and deployment of open source tools and services in Embilipitiya area. In this respect we have been supporting some educational institutions and IT users in our area to take up the use of free and open source software in their day to day IT usage as well as teaching and learning.We've conduct Three programmes before this. First one is for IT users and institutes around the Embilipitiya area. Second one is for IT teachers in Embilipitiya education zone. Third one is for government officers in the area.

We beliew that "Open Mind" is very usefull to change a behaviours. We named our team as OpenMind so we hope to change the software using behaviours from proprietary to FOSS. If you interest in Free and Open Sourse software & If you are around Embilipitiya area, Come and join with us. Pls; mail me to rajeenprasanna@gmail.com for more informations and participations.


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