Program POSS (Reform Free / Open Source Software) is a joint program initiated by the Government (Ministry for Research and Technology). This program together with several public and private universities throughout Indonesia, as well as community elements that have the same direction and purpose, namely to increase awareness, the competitiveness of IT and its applications, as well as the penetration of the use of FOSS software for all Indonesian people.

POSS UPI UPI is one institution (not SME / UKK) whose position directly under the Indonesian Education University and centered Software Engineering Laboratory FPMIPA C.

UPI POSS there, as the road from the Indonesian Research and Technology program, the utilization of OSS in areas that include ABG (Academic-Business-Government). Especially for POSS UPI diamanahi to focus more on its Academic. Thus it has a characteristic POSS UPI academic Motto "Loving Education With Open Source".

UPI POSS is composed therein lecturers and students. The existence of the lecturers here are given the UPI Poss not playfully institutions, but the official institution that has a work program and a clear position.


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