PULUG stands for Panjab University Linux User's Group. It is a group founded by CSE and IT students from University Institute of Engineering and Technology

We are going to organize SFD for the 4th time now, the previous one being in 2010,11,12. This time we are going to celebrate SFD for 2 days because we've always felt that 1 day is just too less to schedule all the talks and explain everything properly. We had about 250 attendees last year, this time we will try to make it go beyond the 400 level. It's going to be legendary.

We are gonna follow a similar event routine though like previous SFD celebrations.

We will hold the following talks:-

DAY 1:

  1. What is SFD? and Why it matters?
  2. Introduction to Open Source software and Linux Distributions
  3. Linux Installation Guide (hands-on) for Linux Mint most probably
  4. How to navigate the Linux desktop,using applications and installation.
  5. How to get help and support How to compute and communicate.
  6. General office and internet applications
  7. Python -- A Beginner's Guide
  8. Introduction to Shell Scripting

DAY 2:

  1. Introduction to Developing under Linux
  2. Contributing to Open Source projects like KDE, GNOME, Firefox etc.
  3. Introduction to development with Qt
  4. Introduction to git
  5. Getting a job in Open Source Development
  6. All about Google Summer of Code and other open source development competitions.
  7. Introduction to Android Development including apps and widgets
  8. HTML5 Development Basics

We will distribute goodies to the attendees, some of which we expect from you and we will try to make a custom tshirts and bandanas for our own SFD!


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