FOSSCell is a group of FOSS enthusiasts at NIT Calicut.

FOSSCell in association with CSEA is conducting a day long workshop on FOSS and GNU/Linux on the account of Software Freedom Day on 21th September 2013.

Software Freedom Day Celebration

Venue : Software Systems Lab (IT lab complex, 2nd floor) Time : 10:00 AM

Date : 21th September, 2013

The activities planned for the day are:

Morning Session

1) Software Freedom Day Introduction

2) Introduction to GNU/Linux

3) Different Open Source Licenses

4) GNU/Linux Installation Demo

Afternoon Session

1) Open Source Communities

2) FOSS in Corporate

3) Shell Scripting (hands-on session)

4) Choice & Diversity

5) Distribution of goodies

The session is introductory in nature. By the end of the session, you'll have a working knowledge of the GNU/Linux system. You'll learn to use a command line(terminal) effectively and write small programs to automate repetitive tasks. You'll be introduced to Free Software Philosophy and the use of Free Software in industry. You'll learn how to make your system look awesome.You can take home few goodies that we have in store for you. No prior knowledge/experience is required or is assumed in the session, but curiosity and a want to learn is always appreciated.


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