Belize Linux Users Group

Coordinator : Enrique Nabet (nabs) email: < nabs@belizelug.org >

Belize LUG Official Website : http://www.belizelug.org/

BelizeLUG was founded by nabs (Enrique Nabet) in 2008, after 1 year and half of working with students from Sacred Heart College [1] he was able to form a group of young persons who use, share, learn, have fun, and educate using free software (Linux).

it was until october 2009 that the group started to grow, 3 students from the University of Belize[2] Joined BelizeLUG, up to date the group has over 15 active members - students and non-students.

Earlier this year, the group was renamed and register under Belize Open Source. Both groups are pretty much the same. It will be Belize Open Source that will celebrate and host its first Software Freedom Day. We are woking hard too have a calendar full of events for the SFD weekend.

* Belize Open Source Page


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