RECOMMEET hosts Software Freedom Day 2012, just like other teams all over the world.

It is on going now!

We are in 3302A Group Study room on the 3rd floor, the library of Georgia Southern Univesity!

--(It is going to be on Saturday 15:00, September 15th, 2012. )--

--(The place is... )--

--(3302A Group Study room on the 3rd floor, )--

Please come into the room in which has symbols of RECOMMEET or Software Freedom Day!

Zach S. Henderson Library,

Georgia Southern University,

Statesboro, GA 30458

Contact Us: mailto:contact@recommeet.org

RECOMMEET(/ˌrekəˈmēt/) is a flexibly organized group for any activities related with Free Software. We have a purpose which recommends Free Software to anybody who uses computer software, NOT ONLY TO IT-EXPERTS. We have hosted several events to achieve our purpose since 2010. See details on the official website.


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