Tanzania 2012 SFD

This team comprises of Tanzanian individual members of Free Software and Open Source Foundation For Africa (FOSSFA) http://fossfa.net/ and other FLOSS well wishers under leadership of FOSSFA Country Liaison Mr. Edgar Telesphory. Planning are underway for various voluntary activities including LPIC training, Visiting Colleges and Schools etc, prior to SFD celebration to be held in Dar Es Salaam "Bongo". The idea came as a result of exposures to the practical benefits of FLOSS and hence an aim to use the SFD to advocacy FLOSS. Many people in Tanzania still lacks awareness, including public and private , SMEs and NGOs etc. The government Institutions are still much interested in the proprietary software procurement, and hence huge budget on ICT. We are looking forward to provide valid arguments about FLOSS and possible feasible solutions that it offers to the communities, Government, Public and Private Institutions, with an aim to help the country take a look at utilizing FLOSS to solve our socio-economic challenges. All stake holders are invited to participate.

Theme of this year celebration FLOSS as an alternative solution for Tanzania socio-economics challenges The event will comprises the following activities

  1. Pre Event Schools / Colleges visits ( in Arusha, Dar Es Salaam , Dodoma and Zanzibar)
  2. LPIC-1 /Linux Essential Booty Camp ( in Arusha, Dar Es Salaam , Dodoma and Zanzibar)
  3. Keynote address
  4. Paper presentation and discussions
  5. FLOSS cultural events
  6. Contests
  7. Networking & Goodies (Gifts)

  8. Series Of FLOSS Technical Training

We have two sponsors, and we still invite more to help us push the agenda forward. Zalongwa technologies http://www.zalongwa.com will sponsor trainings, and GIZ through ict@innovation project http://www.ict-innovation.fossfa.net have promised to provides LPIC 1 training kits. More over ICT4TD http://www.ict4td.webs.com/ host FOSSFA Country Liaison Desk Services. and National Institute Of Transport (NIT) http://www.nit.ac.tz has offered a venue for LPIC training for Dar Es Salaam city. More volunteers and sponsors are invited to support the pre-event activities and event celebration.


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