Meeting Minutes - 16th August 2012



We inspected the Suse office and found tha they are ideal for the science hack-day but there was concern about the size of the auditorium, espeically for the key note and we felt that it would not be big enough to accommodated the expected numbers. Schalk has been battling to get hold of his contact at Wits regarding the venue availablility. It was decided to give Wits to Wednesday to come back to us otherwise we would be forced to go with SuSe offices.


We have confirmed a speaker from the Square Kilometre Array. We already have a list of people who will be doing lignting talks and we will look for more people before the event so attendees can assess their interest in the talks. People will still be able to volutneer on the day to give lighting talks and an unconference format will be used.

User Groups

User groups are still organising what they want to do on the day.


It was dec ided to go ahead with an event bright invite despite the uncertainty on the venue. It was felt it was important to get the communications out soon so as to give possible. Notification is to go out on Monday.

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