Summary of decision meeting 15 August 2012



Science Hack Day follow up

Feed back from Schalk was that it all looked good and that both day will be combined.


It was decided to hold the event at Novel offices (Offered by Johann Els) . (255 rivonia road,the wedge office park). The reasoning was that Schalk would have to follow up with WITS about moving to a larger venue. Also by not having to pay for a venue if we did get sponsorship it could now be used for something more related to the day.

The novel offices covered the basic requirements of

It was decided to have the next meeting at the Novel offices at 18:00 Thursday 23 August to check it out and confirm.

Key Note Follow up


After thinking about it the following were highlighted as things that would be nice to have sponsored

User Group

It was decided that this will be easier to sort out once we've sent the mail about the day. Though a couple people committed to follow up.

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