Planning for SFD 2012 is going well. If you would like to get involved in planning or want to know how to get your user group involved please send an email to mark-at-jumpingbean.co.za (mxclarke4 skype) or tim.haak-at-gmail.com. Or make an entry on this wiki.


Next Meeting

Our next meeting is online on the 29 Aug at 15:30 - Online

Previous Meetings

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Were currently looking at either Novel offices (255 rivonia road,the wedge office park) or WITS. At the last meeting we had decided on Novel. Though we've subsequently been told we can use WITS. Final decision to be made at next weeks meeting.


Still to be organised

User Groups

User groups are encourage to also organise their own activities for the day but should let us know if they need any resources such as rooms, electricity etc.

Please add your own wiki pages if you want to have more space to discuss something. You can also add pages for your own user groups to plan their activities.

Linux Professional Institute Exam Lab Info

Provisional schedule for the day

Sponsors/Organisations to follow up

Web Site


There is a desire to organise a web site for the event which can be used as a portal going forward. It was strongly felt that the site should leverage the service event bright so as to not re-invent the wheel, especially since we have limited time.



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