. Palestinian city of Ramallah, the center of Ramallah and Al Bireh. Located in the West Bank north of Jerusalem, about 15 km. An area of ​​16.5 km 2, and an estimated population of 29.577 inhabitants, while the population of the province with 301,296 inhabitants. And adjacent Ramallah Al-Bireh to interfere Mbanehma and Hoarahma to seem as a city one, and with that the city of beer largest in terms of area and population, but the months between them is the city of Ramallah.

Occupies Ramallah now political center it one of the most important Palestinian cities, as it is the administrative capital of the interim Palestinian National Authority, and the county seat (presidential palace), and the Palestinian Legislative Council building, the headquarters of the Palestinian security apparatus in the West Bank, in addition to most of the offices and ministries of power . It is also the cultural capital of the number of Palestinian cultural centers active in it.

I knew the city a number of names over time, the city had been named in the sources and effects of the Crusaders, according to archaeologists, the city was founded in the sixteenth century during the Ottoman rule, which flourished in late their days as the first municipal council was established there in 1908. The celebrated city of Ramallah, recently divorced Bmioatha first development projects on the occasion. Ramallah is located within the mountain range of Jerusalem, where Palestinian coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and away from the city about 45 kilometers to the west. On the other hand the east and south it is surrounded by mountains, and rising from the sea between 830-880 meters. The city is historically a Christian area, but most of its inhabitants today are Muslim, with a strong Christian minority.


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