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The event was hosted at the official Menoufia University Festivals Hall introducing and promoting open source development techniques and the advantages of high quality free and open source software (FOSS)

The Event Will Divided Into Four Sessions: - First Session: Introduction about the open source (what it means- why open source-t's advantages).

- Second Session: This session will have an example of an open source organization like (Ubuntu) and introduce it's system and it's production and how to participate in developing it's products

- Third Session: This session will introduce an Comparison between three organization , one of them use open source and the other don't use open source so we can make a comparison between (Google Chrome) (Mozilla Firefox) (Internet Explorer) with three speakers.

- Fourth Session: This Session will introduce another comparison between three mobile operating systems (Android) that developed by Google, (Windows Phone) that developed by Microsoft and (iphone) that developed by Apple

After this four sessions every attendee will get a good idea about: - The meaning of open source - It's advantage - An example of open source organization - Compare between the open source and non open source systems


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