The Open Source University Meet-Up is a student developer organization sponsored by Sun Microsystems that educates its members about open-source technologies through technical demonstrations, access to web courses, and discounts on Sun Certification.

Our Vision is to empower all people to freely connect, create and share in a digital world that is participatory, transparent, and sustainable. Our Mission is to spread the word of Open Source in our city in every possible way, to urge students to learn, use, develop and share different Open Source technologies, to tell students about technologies that they would want to use and help them use them during this period.

Topics Covered in the event:

• Introduction to Open Source Culture and Philosophy.

• FOSS Entrepreneurs (Business in FOSS).

• Cloudless: The Communication Tachyon (Inter-Application Communication framework).

• stories of some successful open source projects.

• Open hardware: Demonstrating some of Cairo Hacker space projects.

• Live Demos for showing Closed Source replacements, installings, configurings.

• Stands that provide on-site help and information.

• Study Groups that provide participants with guidelines to teach themselves more about FOSS.

• Contests held on different levels to urge participants to read a lot and know more.

Team Members:


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