哈尔滨市 - Harbin

哈尔滨(满语:ᡥᠠᡵᠪᡳᠨ,穆麟德转写:Harbin)是中国黑龙江省的省会,是一座副省级城市,位于东北亚中心位置,是第一条欧亚大陆桥和空中走廊的重要枢纽。哈尔滨地处东北平原北部,黑龙江省南部,是黑龙江省的政治、经济、文化、科技和交通中心。哈尔滨地区面积53 068平方千米,列副省级以上城市第二位(仅次于重庆市),建成区面积全国前十(2008年统计年鉴数据为340.3平方千米)。哈尔滨的气候属中温带大陆性季风气候,冬季严寒漫长,夏季凉爽短促,有“冰城”、“夏日胜地”之称,是冰雪旅游和避暑胜地。哈尔滨市是中国首批优秀旅游城市之一,中国历史文化名城。哈尔滨的城市建筑风格别具风韵,很多俄式,欧式建筑遍布市区,被誉为“东方莫斯科”、“东方小巴黎”。 (source: WikiPedia)

Harbin (simplified Chinese: 哈尔滨; traditional Chinese: 哈爾濱; pinyin: Hāěrbīn; Wade-Giles: Ha-erh-pin; Mandarin pronunciation: [xɑ˥˥ɑɻ˩pin˥˥]) is a sub-provincial city and the capital of the Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China. It lies on the southern bank of the Songhua River. Harbin is the tenth largest city in China (pop. 9.87 million), serving as a key political, economic, scientific, cultural and communications hub in Northeastern China.

Harbin is originally a Manchu word meaning "a place for drying fishing nets". Harbin has very cold winters and is often called "Ice City". Harbin is well-known for its beautiful ice sculptures in winter and plays an important part in China's trade with Russia. In the 1920s, Harbin was considered China's fashion capital as new designs from Paris and Moscow reached there first before arriving in Shanghai. Harbin is also a potential candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympics. (source: Harbin)

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