USTC Linux User Group

USTC LUG is abbreviation for Linux User Group (LUG) of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). USTC LUG is a technology-leading association which consists of the GNU/Linux enthusiasts in USTC. The aim of USTC LUG is to unite the GNU/Linux users in USTC, to build a platform for information sharing, to share the value of free software, and to promote the using of free software in USTC and Hefei City.

Founded in 2003, USTC LUG has been gone through eight years. At present it is the only university association in Anhui province to promote the free software culture and value. Due to the combined efforts of its members and volunteers, USTC LUG has organized a number of meaningful activities, such as: Linux network technology seminar, GNU / Linux Install Party, PMP Embedded Linux technical seminars, Oracle and open source technologies seminars, Open Source Software Competition in Hefei, Software Freedom Day, LUG Weekly Party, as well as a series of lectures on system usage and programming.

USTC LUG started maintaining the well known Debian archive mirror debian.ustc.edu.cn in 2003, and now, with better hardware and bandwidth sponsored by USTC, mirrors.ustc.edu.cn is becoming the official mirror of China for various distributions. In addition, USTC LUG has established a freeshell server running on Loongson CPU, serving the whole campus to provide online experience on GNU/Linux. With the assistance of USTC Network Information Center, USTC LUG has set up a PXE network booting system, enabling the whole campus to perform convenient installs or quickly experience diverse Linux distributions.

In recognition of its excellent performance through 2010, 2011 and 2012, USTC LUG was awarded the Outstanding Student Club of USTC in May 2011, and honored as Four Star Student Club in May 2012.

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