À L'Ère Libre

À L'Ère Libre is an association that strives to get more political and public consideration for free software and data in Belgium. We think that it is urgent to get more space for free software on the desktop, particularily in administrations and schools.

We will hold the event in Namur on 15th of september, from noon to 17h, in the offices of free software friendly Lybrafox Technologies: boulevard d'Herbatte, 111 à 5000 Namur.

We will explain the free software world to visitors, demonstrate free software solutions and projects, notably (but not only) OLPC and Doudoulinux, we will engage in discussions with whoever wants to know more,... globally, do whatever it takes to deliver the message and spark interest :-)

Ah yes, almost forgot: there will be excellent home made cookies, and everything needed to fight thirst. We are actually an excellent first step (or justification...) before going to Fêtes de Wallonie :-)


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