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Links to the flyers can be found on the Hackerspace Website (link see bottom)


We are setting up - a bunch of stands demonstrating practical user applications. 15min showcases in french/dutch, spread over all afternoon; schedule and ideas here : - the 'penguin bar' : a whitty team helping out people with specific questions (cfr the 'genius bar' in yr applestore) - a bar for drinks & free pop-corn - Hacktivim talks: a room with talks on software Freedom / activism - the game corner - for kids (of all ages) to discover some nice opensource games - the bhackroom : security implications on using a computer - electronics corner : discovering arduino and other opensource hardware

Small talks and demonstrations

Details of talks and demonstrations of end user application in French and Dutch will happen here. Details follow as they come in.

Inkscape: ideaal om logo's te maken! (Nederlands)

Time: 13:30 - 13:45

Basic bash for newbies (English)

Time: : 14:00 - 14:15

Speaker: Zoobab

Blender: animation et modelisation 3D (Français)

Time: 16:30 - 16:45 Speaker: ZipionLive

Beer and free popcorn

There's no such thing as a free drink... but the popcorn is free for sure! And if you buy a drink here, you'll be supporting the hackerspace too.

Hacktivism talks

Hack the democarcy with the Political Memory of la Quadrature du Net

Speaker: Bram/Laurent Peuch

The Political Memory is a tool that allow an organisation (here la Quadrature du Net) to display the voting recommendations they have sent to elected representatives (here deputies of the European parliament) on a vote (for example: voting for/against ACTA). In result the representatives get a score on how good they have followed those recommendations. This way if you think that la Quadrature du Net have the same opinions that you on saving the Internet you can see which one of your representatives are acting good.

If this kind of tool get a big adoption by similar organisations this could change how relation with politics.


Time: 14:00 – 14:35

Language: English/Français

Prior knowledge: None

Hackers and Humanities

Speaker: Jérémy Grosman

[Coming soon] Presentation of the scienfitic litterature about Hackers. Philosophical and historical perspectives about open-source and political issues.

Time: 14:40-15:30

Language: English / Français

Prior knowledge: None

Creating dynamic presentations using Inkscape and Sozi

Speaker: Jurgen Gaeremyn

We all know those static slide based presentations using one of the office suites out there. Creating a dynamic presentation allows you to show the bigger picture and the interaction between facets. If you know Prezi, you'll know what I'm talking about. Using Inkscape and the Sozi plugin, it's possible to make similar style presentations with a regular SVG-file as output. This has the great advantage that you only need a browser to watch/show the presentation.

Plan of action: 1. How to install a plugin (Sozi) in Inkscape. 2. Some basics about Inkscape (short) 3. We're going to create our own presentation - much more fun if you can play with the program yourself. So bring along your laptop!

Time: 15:35-16:25

Language: English

Prior knowledge: None

Requirements: Bring along your laptop, and have Inkscape installed (www.inkscape.org)

Open Source and Genetic code

Speaker: Alexandre Santos (replacing Ugo)

With genetic manipulations and analysis increasing in popularity, the Open Source philosophy is facing a new battle. A battle that concerns all of us, because we all have genes, eat food and live in an interconnected environment.

Time: 16:30-17:15

Language: English

Prior knowledge: None

DierenTheater, give a proactive hands to the Belgium government in providing opendata

Speaker: Bram/Laurent Peuch

DierenTheater is a work in progress scraper for (lachambre|dekamer).be that extract data out of it and offers it to the world to allow anyone to build things out of it. The objective is to bootstrap the opendata related to politics scene in Belgium and to have a nosdeputes.be.


Time: 17:20 - 17:40

Language: English/Français

Prior knowledge: None

"Utmost transparency" in the European Parliament - at4am, parltrack, pippilongstrings, euwiki, tratten and all the rest

Speaker: Erik Josefsson

The European Parliament shall ensure that its activities are conducted with the utmost transparency. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Code to practice.

Time: 17:45 - 18:30

Language: English

Prior knowledge: PhD in Rocket Science required

Game corner

Some open source games can be played here! Have fun shooting the other players in Sauerbraten, play Frozen-bubble on our arcade machine and get yourself in the high scores... or partake in a great competition...

The Bhackroom

What happens when you surf on an open WiFi? What damage can viruses do? How do those "evil hackers" actually get into your computer and what can happen? Just some pointers to use your computer safely... Have a talk with one of the guys in the Bhackroom.

Lil p0wny workshop

Speaker: Net_Runner

Q: What is the lil p0wny workshop? This is a workshop focused on the remote exploitation of a vulnerable machine in a laboratory environment. It assumes that you have basic general computer's skills and takes you into a journey to makes you a level 1 script kiddie. Q: Ha, Ha, Ha script kiddie?, but I'm already a l337 h4x0r! Why dont you come and enlighten us with your skills? There will be cake when all the challenges are completed.

Time: 13:00 to 15:55

Language: English

Prior knowledge: Basic Windows/Linux/Networking Knowledge

Requirements: VMware INSTALLED on your machine. Backtrack 5 VM running inside VMware.

Electronics corner

Next to Free and Open Source Software, there's also a growing market with open hardware... Maybe you've heard of Arduino, Raspberry Pi or some other stuff. Have a look at the possibilities in our space. Never heard of them? A great moment to discover it!!

arduino - father of all embedded boards (English)

Speaker: u.go

Time: 14:30 to 14:45

raspberry pi - Cloud- and webserver in your pocket! (English)

Using a Raspberry pi, I'm going to install owncloud and use the board as a webserver... talking about a server in my pocket!

Speaker: lucas

Time: 15:30 to 15:45

Olinuxino - yet another embedded Linux board with lots of GPIOs (English)

Speaker: zoobab

Time: 17:30 to 17:45

More details on topics are dynamically added on our website: https://hackerspace.be/Software_Freedom_Day_2012


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