Bangladesh Open Source Network

Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN) is a non-profit, voluntary organization. As the like the previous year we age going to celebrate the Software Freedom Day this year. BdOSN is the central hub for the other Open Source Networks(OSN) in Bangladesh. We have about 20 regional OSNs, and along with us they will celebrate the day also.

Event Plan

This year we will start the celebration program will start form the afternoon. We will arrange a discussion session followed by a movie show. We have a plan to show the documentary Revolution OS or The Codebreakers. We will have a big cake to celebrate the event. We will distribute a few CD/DVDs of different distributions of Linux operating system. Along with this there will be options to copy ISO of the distributions and the other Free Softwares as well.

We have printed some stickers for this event. Hopefully those will be distributed on the event.


September 15, 2012


Open discussion: Room no: 807, Rose View Plaza (Swarma House Building), 185 Elephant Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka -1205


Open discussion: 04:00 pm


Nasir Khan Email: nasir.khan@bdosn.org Cell:01916038636

Promi Naheed Email: promi.naheed@bdosn.org Cell:01923510073


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