We'll be gathering in front of 2 Church Street in Montclair NJ on September 17th from 10:30 to 4:30 to talk to people about Free Software!

We plan to have a table with computers to demonstrate Free Software on various systems, give away copies of Free applications as well as copies of GNU/Linux.

We did indeed get together for Software Freedom Day. We wound up a few doors down from our initial location due to cold feet from the original shop owner that we had an arrangement with, but Luckily, Nick thought quickly and got the approval of another shop, who graciously allowed us to use the space in front of her shop, which was actually a better location, right int he middle of Montclair, just off of Bloomfield Ave.

We were setting up at about 10:15am or so, and we had several people asking what we were preparing for before we even had the tables or materials set up. We tried to explain as we hastily to the eager onlookers, as we set up the tables, banners, and the handouts. Thanks to Rich for stopping by and helping us set up, as well as stopping by later to help us break everything down.

As soon as we get everything set up, the curious public vanished. It seemed that the interest was initially from the fact that we were doing something, not so much in the actual subject matter.

We waited around, only talking to a few people. Nick and I got a little nervous about the possibility of a poor turnout. Also, thanks to Rich and Joed for both showing up and helping us talk to some of the people about Free Software.

Our fears, however, were unfounded. As the afternoon went on, quite a few people came over, and we were able to give away quite a few Fedora and Ubuntu GNU/Linux DVDs, as well as all of the copies of the SFD Free Culture and the OpenDisc (Windows) software.

We had a decent number of people who were familiar with Linux, and had tried it out on an extra machine at home, as well as many people that used Windows and Mac who were nonetheless interested in what we had to say.

Overall, it was a good day. We got a chance to give a lot of people information on Free Software, and the LUG. The weather was threatening, but held off and gave us a nice, cool day to be out and talking to people.

If I've forgotten anyone, or if you have anything that you'd like for me to add, just drop me an email at BobM -at- njlinux -dot- org


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--General Club information-- We have interesting and educational meetings which include on-site installations of Linux on desktops, laptops and servers, as well as multi-boot setups. We have covered Linux certification materials from IBM and others that have proven to be great reviews of the basics as well as good discussion materials. We will continue with structured and productive meetings, with topics including all things Linux. Anything our members are interested in can be discussed, reviewed, and worked with in a hands-on environment.

We currently meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

Converge 1000 Morris Ave Union, NJ 07083



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