The Information Management Systems Association (iMSA), a student organization at San Francisco State University, will set up a table in the plaza in front of our student center and pass out CDs and spread the word on Free and Open Source Software.We have several FOSS projects on campus.

http://opensource.sfsu.edu/ is a portal for all things free and open source at San Francisco State University. It serves as a focal point for discussion of various open source projects at SF State. These include iLearn, which is our implementation of Moodle, one of the largest in the world. We also use Drupal extensively to run college websites, department web sites, and the Student Portal at SF State. We are also quite active with the One Laptop per Child project. See OLPC XO laptops in action at our table or drop by HSS 127 and borrow one today!

http://opensource.sfsu.edu/files/images/2009-10-22 13.45.13_0.jpg

Team Contact: Abhijit Pendyal. Contact information: imsa@mail.sfsu.edu

Team Contact: Sameer Verma Contact information: sverma@sfsu.edu

Events (these will be on campus, on Thursday, Sept 15, 2011) 10am - 2pm:

Directions to SFSU Campus http://www.sfsu.edu/~sfsumap/

Look for our table close to the Cezar Chavez Student Center and the J. Paul Leonard Library corner (hint: Look for Malcolm X Plaza on the map).



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