Jostify Team

We are pleased to present our team of Jos-based technology enthusiasts with highly digital creativity and innovation willing and ready to promote Free and Open Source Technologies in Nigeria and for our beloved state - Plateau State through the establishment of Free and Open-Source Base and the empowering of our youths by the creation of linux start-up groups across the state.

Jos is a city in middle belt of Nigeria. The city has a population of about 900,000 residents.

In recent years it has suffered violent religious crisis between its Muslim and Christian populations in 2001,2007,2008,2009,2010 and 2011 (Most resent , last week) Due to the instability of peace in Jos we are faced with the challenge of restriction of movement between the muslims and Christians even in areas where Muslims and Christians feel secured they are posed with the challenges of bomb explosions which has become popular in recent time. Notwithstanding ,we are still holding the freedom software day in jos on 17th September, 2011 .

We are attracting companies in participating but financing is coming from team and other technology enthusiast who believe in open source. However said, with the way the state has been torne by recurring crisis, we are embattled with the challenge of venue to accommodate both waring factions. That still not very much a problem, we have been able to bring choose unemployed youths to attend for reasons we have christened the topic 'Empowering youth through open source', Reason because we understood the vantage point that youth empowerment will create in the establishment of peace and order in the state.

Finally, we have created an eventbright ticket invitations for people since movement around is limited to reach people wide and far Thus making fliers and banners an in-efficient way of reaching out to people.We are seen at http://jostify.eventbright.com Finally, through various social media and phone invitations we are closed to making software freedom day a reality in jos city of plateau state.



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