Lucid Information Systems

Team Lucid is sponsored by Lucid Information Systems : http://www.lucidsystems.org

Lucid develops, maintains and is involved in various open source projects and initiatives within New Zealand.

On Software Freedom day we will be promoting and demonstrating free software and free software concepts. Please join us to learn more about free software and how it relates to you, your family and future generations.

LINUX install fest taking place at the South Central Christchurch Library.

If you would like assistance with installing LINUX onto your computer then bring your computer along on Saturday (17th September) to the South Central Christchurch Library. This year, we will be working with in with and assisting Team Christchruch they have been running the event at the South Central Christchruch Library for many years and are so proud to be able to support them!

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Many more links and information are available from the official SFD resource page.

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