Software Freedom Day EU

This year Software Freedom Day in the Netherlands will take place, for the second time, at the 'Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica' (CWI) (National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science) at the Science Park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The CWI is known for being the birthplace of the European Internet, the place where Guido van Rossum developed the programming language Python, and for playing a big role in the open internet by housing the Benelux-office of the World Wide Web Consortium. We will have (international) speakers active in politics, government, business, society and open and free projects ranging from open source software, free software, open content, open document formats, open geodata, open access, open data, open hardware etc. This professional conference location is easily reachable thanks to a newly opened train station "Amsterdam Science Park" right next door. Presentations will be filmed and made available afterwards.

Visit our website http://www.softwarefreedomday.eu/


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