FSUGitalia Poul

Il team FSUGitalia - Poul è in realtà composto da due team (Free Software User Group Italia e il Politecnico Open Unix Lab) che cooperano alla realizzazione del medesimo SFD 2011. Fsugitalia ha già organizzato SFD in altre 3 occasioni a partire del 2008.

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English explanation of the 2011 event.

The event is devoted, as usual, to schools, which are directly involved in the organization. In particular will be taken into consideration the high school students.

The event will be divided into two areas princiapli: 1 theoretical, and practical 1.

During the morning students will attend the required interventions by experts in the IT industry, related to free software and its practical use in everyday life. Will be guided in a path that starts from the fundamental explanation of what the free software in general, to arrive at more practical examples.

During the afternoon session will be held "practice", where students can ask questions about what we saw in the morning, and try all the software on your computer free visas during the theoretical sessions. It will be an area available for installing GNU / Linux.


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