Mashhad Linux Users Group

SFD 2011

It all began around 4 o'clock, local time, on October 15th. We had 5 keyboards, monitors and other stuff for those willing to install Linux on their PC's, which actually wasn't much of a use since most of installs were on laptops!

Though attendees were free to choose whatever distro they wanted to have, Mashhadlug decided to persuade installing the new popular Persian distro, Arios Gnu/Linux. Arios along with the recently released Ubuntu 11.10, were installed by Mashhadlug members on around 20 computers. Q&A was the other part of the festival where people could ask their Linux and FreeSoftware questions from LUG members, face to face!

We didn't have access to internet. to somehow fill that gap, we managed to run a local server, showing a simple but beautifully written PHP script, and serving useful stuff like distribution ISOs, lots of PDFs, multimedia resources and etc.

There were also a lot of difficulties, we didn't have much resources and time but thanks to full time contributions of around 10 Mashhadlug members and a lot of others who helped us with their ideas and support, we managed to make a friendly environment for people who were interested in linux. Not to forget www.LinuxShop.ir, which provided the location, and made us possible to install almost any desired linux distro, by giving us a lot of distribution CDs and DVDs.

All in all, we had around 200 guests, enjoying different parts of the festival and of course, drinking tea and eating cookies :)

SFD 2009

In 2009 we held Ubuntu Install Fest in Pars Hotel in Mashhad. Despite our highly lack of equipment, it was great and participants were all satisfied with their installations and helpings.

In this fest we introduced some of our lug members now as a official Linux trainer proudly and also linux shop again for our support.

SFD 2008

We had more than 300 gusts that lots of them took part eagerly.

We also installed about 40 systems successfully despite 2 systems that encountered with some hardware errors (a power failure and a strange SATA hard).

Despite our limitation for finding place and some governmental limitation for the gatherings like this, which should have governmental or organizational agreements, we held it by asking a learning institute for a place and linuxshop.ir pay for posters.

We began our schedule in more than 3 weeks before the party and all the team members came at least 2 hours before start.

it was great :-)

the complete Persian & English report: report in MashhadLug

You may find some pictures here:

Mehrdad Pictures

Mahyar Pictures

SFD 2007

we held a Software Freedom Day 2007 in Mashhad. It was also an install fest. As lots of people said, this was the greatest install fest in Iran so far. After this, we found MashhadLUG and we are going to hold another great install fest in Software Freedom Day. Iranian people really like Linux and we can see the eagerness in LUGs and meetings. We need some stuffs and also advertisement.

You may see the Persian page for posters and banners (thanks to our artwork team) with a few pictures here: our festival page in ubuntu.ir

team contact

You may need more info, then take a look at our web site

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