Swecha was founded in 2005 as an organisation to support the Swecha project, it is now a vibrant community of software users, students, academicians and software professionals/developers determined to provide quality software built on the guidelines of free software development model.

Swecha aims at providing global software solutions to the local people with the Free Software development model by working together with the community of developers and users all over. The prime objective of Swecha OS is to provide a complete computing solution to a population that speaks and understands only Telugu.

The project aims at bridging the gap between the computer technology that exists predominantly in English and the Telugu-speaking community of India. The project also aims at providing a framework for development and maintenance of Free Software projects taken up by the community.

SFD 2011

Swecha is Celebrating SFD on 24th & 25th of September in Kadapa.

For more details please follow http://swecha.org/events/sff-2011

Also contact Siddhartha at +91 94900 98016 or write to siddhartha [at] swecha [dot] net


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