SFD@ Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu &Kashmir

Events for 17th September 2011

The OSUM club @ SMVDU has planned lectures, demonstrations & workshops on open source technologies.

Following contests have been scheduled so far to enjoy the spirit of Open Source & Free Software:

Event1: PHP Programming

-Brief intro about the syntax and in-built functions of PHP will be given to the candidates -Students will be required to write PHP scripts within 30 min time.

Event2: Presentations

The Presentation should be of 5-10 minutes duration. The Presentation can be made on any Open Source Technology. The team should comprise of 1-2 members each.

Event3: Open your mind

The participant is required to present any latest open source technology

by means of verbal explanation which can be enhanced using posters etc.

The time limit for each participant is 3-5 minutes.

Event4: Quiz Contest

The Quiz would comprise of 20 questions of multiple choice type carrying

equal marks.

The duration of the competition is 30 minutes. There would be 50% negative marking for each wrong answer.

Event5: Hurry up time is out!

Participants will be taught an open source technology(Wordpress) and then the participants will be given a assignment to perform on the new technology(Web Development in Wordpress).



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