PULUG stands for Panjab University Linux User's Group. It is a group founded by CSE and IT students from University Institute of Engineering and Technology

We are going to organize SFD for the 2nd time now, the last one being in 2010. We had about 50 attendees last year, this time we will try to make it go beyond the 200 level :)

We are gonna follow a similar event routine like the one for the GNOME 3 Launch Party we had organised this year.

1) There will be free cake for all the attendees, the organisers will pool money to buy it.

2) We will hold the following talks:-

  1. What is Open Source? Getting started with Ubuntu!
  2. Beginning your journey in Open Source.
  3. GNOME 3 vs KDE 4.7.0, a gory battle!
  4. What is SFD? and why it matters?
  5. What is Google Summer of Code and how to get selected!
  6. Your first GUI program using Qt and C++
  7. Python -- a beginners guide
  8. Your very first game using PyGame!!!

  9. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, let the fight begin!
  10. Openness in cellphone OSes, Android vs Meego!
  11. Kivy and Python == Multitouch Awesomeness!!!

3) We will distribute goodies to the attendees, some of which we will get from you and we will try to make a custom tshirt for our own SFD!


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