Who we are

We are a little community in our hometown Offenburg, aiming at Free Software in general to spread the word and get people aware of the technical and philosophical benefits of Free Software. Further informations can be found on our homepages: http://www.freiesoftwareog.org and http://www.lugog.de

What we do

We meet on a regular basis once a month and discuss a pre-defined theme (a Free Software topic of coarse). We participate in global events as the "SoftwareFreedomDay" (wink, wink) or the "DocumentFreedomDay", cooperate with local schools and clubs and inform people on a regular basis with a little booth in front of a computer store we have good connections to.

Our plans for SFD

First of all we'll have our booth (as always) on the 17th to "grab" the day. This will stand in front of a computer shop in Offenburg, where we inform customers and people passing by with flyers, posters and some notebooks started with live-cds. We hope to attract the local press to write something in our local papers.


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